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Shiloh Apothecary Offers Convenient Medicine Packaging

Shiloh Apothecary Pharmacist Stephanie Mathis, left, and Certified Pharmacy Technician Kellie Carter hold the packages that medicines can be sorted in for the customer’s convenience.

Shiloh Apothecary on East Shiloh Road in Corinth offers a free medicine packaging service that helps customers keep up with their daily doses.

Medicines, vitamins and supplements can be organized in convenient packages if the customer requests the service. Doses are sorted by different times of day such as morning, noon, evening and bedtime.

This way people do not have to worry about missing a dose, said Stephanie Mathis, who owns Shiloh Apothecary with her husband, Raymond.

The service is great for all ages of customers, said Mathis. It is for anyone who wants an easier way of keeping up with their daily medicine doses, she added.

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