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Sanctuary Antiques Blends Modern, Traditional

Sanctuary Antiques on Taylor Street in Corinth offers a huge selection of antiques as well as modern pieces. (Photos by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

By Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today

Walking into Sanctuary Antiques in Corinth is like visiting numerous countries at once.

The store features merchandise from places such as France, England, Hungary, Romania, China and the United States. Antique tables, chests, display cabinets, rugs and so much more are available at the Taylor Street store.

“I try to buy things that are in really good condition,” said owner Chad Dickerson.

Sanctuary Antiques is located in the former St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, which was there for 100 years.

The designer antique store will mark 16 years in July and also has modern pieces such as lamps, artwork and upholstery. Dickerson believes blending antiques with newer items makes a more interesting atmosphere.

“There’s a little bit of everything going on in here,” he said on a tour of the shop. “I like a mix of traditional and modern.”

He pointed out a French chest from the 1700s, a Welsh dresser, an English oak chest from the late 1800s, a French cabinet that may have come from a bakery and an Eastern European kitchen island that probably dates back 150 years. Sanctuary Antiques also carries a large selection of blue and white Oriental porcelain.

The store has something for everyone whether someone is looking for a $10 gift or wants to buy a piece of furniture to pass down to their children.

Dickerson especially likes it when people have been looking for a certain item for years and find it at Sanctuary Antiques. The store provides a creative outlet for Dickerson, who previously worked in the music industry for years in Nashville.

Sanctuary Antiques draws customers from throughout the region, including Memphis, Pickwick, Huntsville, Florence, Ala., Jackson, Tenn. and the surrounding area. Corinth has been very supportive of the store, Dickerson added.

Sanctuary Antiques is located in the former St. Paul’s Episcopal Church building.

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