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OrthoXpress Treats Pain With Precise Injections

OrthoXpress Family Nurse Practitioner Brad Dillon discusses the ultrasound technology that helps provide precise injections to treat pain. (Photo by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

OrthoXpress in Corinth has the technology to make sure injections go in the right place to treat pain.

The ultrasound technology at OrthoXpress pinpoints injections to make patients feel better, said Family Nurse Practitioner Brad Dillon.

Patients who do not feel better after “blind” injections at other clinics may want to visit OrthoXpress for a precise, ultrasound-guided injection, Dillon said.

“If we’re doing an injection, it’s going in the right spot,” he added.

“Blind” injections can miss the mark whereas the ultrasound technology at OrthoXpress ensures the correct area is being treated, Dillon said. It takes away the guesswork of blind injections, he noted.

OrthoXpress opened in Corinth in February and is already seeing growth in patient numbers. The clinic, located at 2601 Getwell Road, Suite 4, treats many bone, joint and muscle problems.

The ultrasound-guided injections also ensure that arteries, veins and nerves are not damaged, Dillon noted. For instance, many people do not want blind hip injections because of the arteries, veins and nerves involved.

Injections can be administered to many parts of the body from the shoulders to the toes. Gout, plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with injections. Knees and elbows are other common areas treated with injections.

The injections are composed of long-acting steroids with lidocaine, and patients often feel better very soon after receiving the treatment, Dillon noted. Some people even walk out of OrthoXpress feeling better.

In most cases the injections are painless, and the procedure only lasts about 10 minutes. They can be offered on a walk-in basis.

Those without insurance can pay a flat fee of $150, which covers the cost of injection, X-rays and other services.

For more information call OrthoXpress at (662) 643-4533 or visit

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