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Was a Shooting Suspect at-Large While Children Were Trick-or-Treating in Corinth?

By Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today

Was a shooting suspect on the loose in Corinth while children were trick-or-treating Wednesday?

Josh Mitchell

If there was a shooting suspect at-large, was the community informed of this prior to taking their little ones trick-or-treating Wednesday night?

Corinth Today went to the police department Wednesday afternoon to get information on the shooting, including whether anyone was in custody.

But Corinth Police Chief Ralph Dance told a reporter that a public records request would have to be filed for the information.

So much for informing the community about the status of a violent crime investigation before trick-or-treating was set to begin in about two hours.

Corinth Today was seeking information on the reported shooting to inform the community about what was happening.

It was especially important for people to have information about whether a suspect was still at-large since children would be out trick-or-treating that evening.

Indeed, many parents and children were going door-to-door throughout the downtown historic neighborhoods of Corinth during the nighttime hours.

Was a shooting suspect at-large at this time?

Corinth Today asked Mayor Tommy Irwin on Wednesday night via text message. Irwin responded via text, saying, “Those questions should be asked to Ralph (Dance). I think it was fine.”

As a parent, I would personally appreciate it if the police department would inform me about whether a shooting suspect was still at-large or not before I took my child around town knocking on doors at night for candy.

Maybe this is too much to ask as taxpayers from our government officials.

The Corinth Police Department’s Facebook did not have any information regarding whether a suspect was in custody or still at-large on Wednesday night.

Corinth Police responded to a gruesome scene at the intersection of Wick and Young streets at about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. Blood was on the road by a car parked in front of a house.

The afternoon unfolded with an apparent search for a suspect, as police in SWAT gear stood guard by houses and even made entry into one in the 1200 block of Wick Street.

With police in full SWAT gear it appeared that it was a dangerous situation.

Was it safe for the children trick-or-treating or should the little ones have been in SWAT gear as well?

Mayor Irwin said, “I think it was fine.”


  1. Hb Hb October 31, 2018

    I think this article was a little extreme and also a way to lash out at our city officials who you think disrespected you in public this morning at the crime scene you mentioned above.

  2. Jason welch Jason welch October 31, 2018

    You should file for that request just to see if there was any danger on the streets that we were not informed about

  3. Jason welch Jason welch October 31, 2018

    Another funny side note in car line at the elementary school just down the road. I asked a teacher did the school go on lock down and she said what for we did not even m ow anything was happening so a shooting a few blocks from a school and a suspect on the loose for 2 hours or more might deserve a kick down. You think

  4. Shane Lindsey Shane Lindsey November 1, 2018

    You should definitely file that request. If the threat was not contained while the elementary school was occupied, less than a mile away, then this holds Corinth Police Chief Ralph Dance complicit and solely responsible for jeopardizing the safety of all students and staff at Corinth Elementary School as well as the residents of the community. There will be times in life where you will have to place your ego aside and serve the community you have sworn to serve. I believe what most people witnessed on this day is a mental breakdown given the erratic behavior, empty threats and failure to follow basic safety protocols. We should all be pressing for an investigation into this matter because next time, we may not be as lucky.

  5. Kaleb Kaleb November 1, 2018

    This article is a “witch hunt” for the Chief. You are all bent out of shape over the events from this morning that you also posted about. Keep the news, the news, and leave your opinions, and feelings out of it. Neither have any place in your line of work.

  6. It’s me It’s me November 1, 2018

    Maybe if you wouldn’t be harassing them and bothering them 24/7 with mostly nonsense questions they could do their job.

  7. John Doe John Doe November 1, 2018

    Thanks to your fine reporting I think everyone in town was aware that a shooting happened and apparently was an isolated crime. Thanks to our 2nd amendment which I’m sure Corinth Today supports 100% we can all feel safe that we are able to protect our children.

  8. Ethan Ethan November 1, 2018

    The school was not the target!! The man that was shot multiple times was the target. People get over it and quit trying to second guess our underpaid and understaffed police department.
    BREAKING NEWS There are criminals walking and riding around Corinth everyday! If you are afraid to come out of the house on every given day then you should treat Halloween the same. You are responsible for protecting your family at all times not just on days that some thugs start shooting at each other. It is no secret that the “South End” has a high crime area, anyone can tell you that. If you are looking for trouble then you can find it there, if you are not looking for trouble then don’t go to that area.

    • Nita Nita November 1, 2018

      You must not have children. Your missing the point. The suspect had shot someone, a desperate man running from the police will do desperate things. The middle school is within a mile from the scene in the other direction, so that’s two schools that should have been notified about the situation, at least so they could be cautious.

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