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Commentary: Beauty Surrounds Us in Alcorn County

By Josh Mitchell

When I ride around Alcorn County looking for pictures of nature I sometimes think about the song in which Hank Williams Jr. sings about “the freedom of the rivers and the pines.”

Alcorn County certainly has its fair share of timber— 64,990 forested acres to be exact while Prentiss County has 124,586 forested acres.

Josh Mitchell

Recently, I captured a shot in Alcorn County of mist and fog floating around the top of some green treetops that brought back memories from when I lived in the Smoky Mountains.

Alcorn County is in a unique location in the state and is in fact part of the Appalachian region.

Tishomingo County, especially the state park there, has even more of an Appalachian feel. The highest point in Mississippi, Woodall Mountain, is also in Tishomingo County and boasts a towering height of 807 feet. I’m proud to say I’ve been to the top.

Prior to living in the Smoky Mountains I lived in Wyoming by the Bighorn Mountains which peak at more than 13,000 feet.

When I moved to the Smokies, people told me those mountains were just hills compared to Wyoming. The Great Smoky Mountains reach heights of over 6,000 feet, which seems high compared to Woodall Mountain in Tishomingo County.

It just goes to show that everything is relative.

But the nature in Alcorn County is just as beautiful as it is in Wyoming or the Smoky Mountains in my opinion. All three of those places just offer a different kind of beauty.

Another mountain range I have visited is the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas, and those have their own unique value as well.

Indeed, the United States is blessed to have a diverse selection of postcard-worthy natural wonders.

I am happy that I got to grow up in Vicksburg on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi.

I am grateful that I lived five minutes from the Atlantic Ocean in Florida.

Living in the Show-Me-State on the banks of the Missouri River where Lewis and Clark passed through was also a great experience.

After all the places I’ve lived I am now happy to be in Alcorn County for more than two years.

Not only does Alcorn County offer an abundance of natural splendor, but the surrounding areas do as well. Taking in all the waterfalls at Bankhead National Forest in Alabama was amazing as was Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park in Tennessee. I have visited other destinations in the region too and plan to take in many more.

There is so much beauty around us that we often overlook, not only in nature but in our everyday lives. The rich and the poor both have an opportunity to appreciate beauty. One does not have to travel to the oceans or the mountains — beauty is in their own backyards. I could spend a lifetime studying one flower or insect and not fully realize all of their intricacies.

Beauty can also be seen in actions that people take. Watching someone treating another person with kindness is beautiful.

I am going to try harder to notice more beauty.

Josh Mitchell is the news editor for Corinth Today and can be reached at

This photo of frost on a plant was taken last year in Kossuth. (Photo by Josh Mitchell)

One Comment

  1. John H John H January 31, 2018

    Now if we could just teach the white trash and hillbillies in Alcorn county not to throw their garbage in the road and other people’s front yards.

    Yes, Alcorn county and the surrounding area have some beautiful spots but often times when you drive around the area you also have to put up with the absolute trashy way some people maintain their property and live their lives.

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