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JoJo’s Lil’ Chicago Grand Opening Today

Owner Jordan Mullins, left, and head cook Sonia Wiley stand inside JoJo’s Lil’ Chicago on South Parkway Street in Corinth on Monday. (Photos by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

A new era in Corinth’s restaurant scene begins today with the grand opening of JoJo’s Lil’ Chicago on South Parkway Street.

JoJo’s Lil’ Chicago gets its name from owner Jordan Mullins, who co-owns the business with her dad, Cecil Rhoads. When Mullins’ niece was little, she could not say Jordan, and instead said “JoJo,” and the name just stuck.

The Lil’ Chicago restaurant had been part of Corinth for decades before closing about a year ago. Now the restaurant is back with new ownership and the new name.

The restaurant features a 1920’s Chicago-style theme with pictures from the era, including a huge crowd scene when Al Capone was arrested. The booths remind one of a big-city establishment, and the wooden tables glisten with cleanliness.

Much of the food comes from Chicago, including the relish, the Vienna Beef, poppy seed buns and French bread. The fireplace and 1920’s music add an even greater ambiance for customers, who are referred to as “goodfellas” and “dames.”

While JoJo’s Lil’ Chicago may harken back to the old days in the big city, the restaurant is a family friendly atmosphere. It is ideal for people who want a quality lunch or dinner at a good price, Mullins said. And with the restaurant being so close to the city park it is great for ball teams to grab a bite to eat, she added.

Some of the menu options include Chicago dogs, Polish sausage, Vienna Beef, Italian beef and sausage, gyros, fire and garlic parmesan fries and pepper and egg sandwiches. The fries are made from freshly sliced potatoes cut at the restaurant.

Bringing Lil’ Chicago back to life in Corinth “feels great,” and there were “wonderful reviews” during the soft opening over the weekend, Mullins said. As the menu says, there is no way you can “Fuggetta Boutit.”

JoJo’s Lil Chicago is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and until 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

JoJo’s Lil’ Chicago is located at 100 S. Parkway St., Corinth.

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