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Active Shooters Addressed in School Safety Bill

Schools, Law Enforcement Would Conduct Shooter Drills With Students Present

By Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today

A Mississippi lawmaker has sponsored a bill that would require schools to work with law enforcement to conduct drills addressing active shooters and other emergencies.

Students would have to be present when the drills were conducted, according to the bill sponsored by State Rep. Christopher Bell, D-Jackson.

At least “one emergency law enforcement drill per semester” would have to be conducted to address emergencies, including active shooters and other situations.


Alcorn County Sheriff Ben Caldwell said his office currently conducts school safety training on a regular basis. Caldwell said his office works closely with the superintendent and principals of each school to make sure officials are prepared for incidents.

The bill aims to “help curb the growing incidence of violence in schools” by requiring school safety plans that include training on school violence prevention, school security, school threat assessment, mental health awareness and other issues.

It would also require evaluating and refining school security measures and strengthening partnerships with public safety officials. Moreover, it calls for creating crisis communication plans and social media strategies.

School districts would receive assistance from state officials for crisis response teams, site surveys, safety audits, crisis management planning and other safety areas.

Under the bill, students, parents, teachers, public safety officials and others must be given the opportunity to provide input into the plans.

The plans would have to be approved by the local law enforcement and emergency management officials as well as the state department of education.

The bill is HB 332.

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  1. Proud Mama Bear Proud Mama Bear January 16, 2019

    This is so great that someone is finally going to do something!!! Currently at Alcorn Central High School they DO NOT Have active shooter drills on a REGULAR BASIS…. I have asked my kids for the past 5 years….Are they doing drills at ur school for active shooters? The answer is always No Mom, so if they do…I would love to see the domentation proving these drills were done….. please provide dates and times Mr Caldwell over the last 5 yrs that these were done….Because I have been wanting this so bad…because we go to the school all the time and No one is ever questioned, why are u here? Most doors are open so anytime you can just walk in and no one notices..I know because I have witnessed it myself on serveral occasions, random people in and out. I even asked the office person (who was a student filling in for the secretary) no adult in sight, who is that in the hallway? She said Oh, I don’t know? and went back to the phone call as no big deal. That’s when I personally went over with my children what to do, and what not to do during any threats or disturbances at school. It shocked me to see such laxed structure of security with so many entry points, I just assumed every door was locked and no one else could get it. This is not the case, there are too many entry points into Alcorn Central as a whole and they are not being monitored, and they have students in the office working not knowing what to do on top of that!! I’m not saying this to be negative or throw them under the bus, but to educate them on the reality of what is going on and has been going on, so it can be fixed so God forbid nothing does happen, these are our children’s lives at stake!! it’s our duty as a community, to protect them and change policy if that policy is not working or perhaps actually inforcing what procedures are in place because currently they are not. It mentioned in the article that every student needs to be present for these drills, so send home a note with the kids have the parents sign that they will have the kids there so everybody is on the same page. It shouldn’t be secretive…it should be a big event so children will realize and the little ones can remember the importance and focus on what it being said, especially the little ones, have T-shirts or stickers made. The (I voted )stickers are everywhere on social media, on Election Day…lets do something like that… In our community we can have a showing of strength in supporting this and do a (I’m Protected) stickers/shirts or something like it, to help emphasize the importance of keeping our children safe. Thank you again, for this article, my prayers have been answered because this will get the attention it needs to save Our Children’s Lives. This is a small town so I wouldn’t dare leave my name because I’m sure I might have hurt an ego or two, but that’s not my intention, I love my community and my school, but most importantly I want all our children protected at all cost, every business CAN help by donating time, money or supplies!! I challenge EVERY BUSINESS IN CORINTH TO HELP OUR KIDS!! Please DONATE TO THIS EFFORT!! Our county schools need you, they have no money especially Alcorn Central, we can save lives by doing this and show our children that they can go to school without having to worry of being shot.

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