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Opinion: The ‘R-Word’ Needs to Be Eradicated

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

It is time to eliminate the use of a certain word.

I am only going to mention the word once in this column to let people know what term needs to be eradicated.

The word is “retard,” and it is derogatory.

Surprisingly and sadly, this word is still used on a relatively routine basis in our society.


Are there people who simply do not understand that this word is wrong?

That is possible, I guess.


To be fair, most of the time I hear or see the word used it is not directed at people with developmental disabilities. In fact, many times people use it to make fun of themselves or are just kidding around with their friends. Other times the word may be directed at an inanimate object that is not working well.

Using the word in any of these ways does not make it less offensive. It could make it more offensive since people feel so free to use the word in jest.

Many people who use the word are probably nice people deep down and simply do not think that the word could be deeply offensive to those with developmental disabilities and their loved ones. Sometimes we all need a reminder to stop doing something because we simply do not realize our actions impact others.

People with developmental disabilities were dealt a challenging hand in life and should only be encouraged. Even though the word may not be directed at people with disabilities, it is still disrespectful to them.

These people are some of the most inspiring individuals in our society, and we could learn a lot from them, especially when it comes to perseverance and overcoming challenges.

We all have something wrong with us. How would we feel if there was a negative term casually used in connection with our problem?

People on each side of the political spectrum wrongly use the r-word to insult each other. It does not take long to find people posting comments on political articles calling each other a “lib-t—” or a “Trump-t—.” They only hurt their own credibility when they use the term.

Most people realize it is wrong to use racially derogatory terms, but there may be some who are unaware that the r-word is offensive as well. It is, and you don’t have to take my word for it. There is a concerted effort nationally to rid the word from people’s vocabularies.

The Special Olympics and other organizations have launched campaigns to end the word.

Corinth and Alcorn County is primarily made up of nice, respectful people, and fortunately the word is not often heard in this community.

But now is the time to silence the “r-word” completely, forever.


  1. john pumpler john pumpler November 30, 2018

    well Josh i always thought that the r- word as you call it meant those who wanted to stop people from smokeing and those who wanted gun’s banned,and the liberals who want to give our country away to the 3rd world . but it is just a word nothing more if anybody gets upset over any word said then they need to learn to read.half the people cannot read now let alone can’t call a shovel a shovel anymore it is an earth moveing deviece ? spelled wrong.anyhow keep up the good work josh,your faithful reader.

  2. AlcornAnon AlcornAnon November 30, 2018

    So-called “journalist” wants to ban WORDS.

    Now that’s retarded.

  3. Buck Oliver Buck Oliver December 1, 2018

    Josh, news flash you are a RETARD.

  4. BK BK December 1, 2018

    Dude your more than just an idiot..your retarded go find some new or cry cause the chief of police ran you off a crime scene..people like you is what makes this state the “laughing stock” of other states..go get a factory job wuss and grow some

  5. James Borden James Borden December 4, 2018

    What we need to ban is this feminized political correctness that infects this country, and now apparently wishes to clasp its diseased claws upon the state of Mississippi. We don’t need a word ban, we need hardcore medication for those that believe they need to legislate every aspect of the lives of others!

  6. James Borden James Borden December 4, 2018

    What we need to ban is the feminized political correctness that has infected this country and now attempts to clasp its diseased claws upon the state of Mississippi. People that wish to legislate the minds and choices of others down to finite details need to grow up and live their lives. Such a person views the world through rose-colored glasses and doesn’t possess the mental faculties to determine right from wrong. We don’t need to feminize our country, we need to grow up and live as strong men and women, and never bow down to virtue signaling and the social justice warrior crowd.

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