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Corinth Fast Food Restaurants Undergo Building Upgrades

Work was taking place on the large KFC bucket sign on U.S. 72 East in Corinth on Tuesday morning. (Photo by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

An estimated total of $648,000 spent by four restaurants

By Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today

Several fast food restaurants in Corinth have been remodeled in the past couple of years, city building permits show.

An estimated total of $648,000 in building upgrades been made to four Corinth fast food restaurants over about two and a half years, permits show.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is the latest Corinth fast food chain restaurant to see building improvements. The KFC on U.S. Highway 72 East has a new exterior look and a dining area upgrade. Work was taking place on the large KFC bucket sign Tuesday morning.

Prior to the estimated $45,000 KFC upgrade, McDonald’s on Cass Street underwent an estimated $200,000 remodel around May. McDonald’s also recently added self-order kiosks that allow customers to select their food choices on a touch-screen computer.

The Corinth Arby’s on U.S. 72 East was remodeled about a year ago for an estimated $175,000.

And the Burger King on Cass Street was remodeled in 2016 for an estimated $225,000, the building permit shows.

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