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Shiloh Apothecary Is ‘Like Coming Home’

Husband and wife Stephanie and Raymond Mathis are both pharmacists and owners of Shiloh Apothecary on East Shiloh Road in Corinth. (Courtesy Photo)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Shiloh Apothecary on East Shiloh Road in Corinth is steadily growing.

Many customers are happy that Shiloh Apothecary is keeping the hometown pharmacy tradition alive.

Customer Mary Jane Marlar said she loves Shiloh Apothecary because “everyone is so nice and caring.”

It was “like coming home” when Shiloh Apothecary opened this year, Marlar added.

Husband and wife Stephanie and Raymond Mathis, who are both pharmacists, own the business and are devoted to the customers’ well-being. (Photo gallery below).

It is a very easy and fast process to transfer prescriptions to Shiloh Apothecary, 2049 E. Shiloh Road, Stephanie noted.

After a long day, Shiloh Apothecary customers get the relief of walking into a calm, welcoming atmosphere to pick up their medications instead of battling a large crowd in a big store.

Those who move their prescriptions to Shiloh Apothecary can be comfortable knowing their insurance will be accepted and that the prices and medication will be the same.

If a customer needs to speak with the owner, Raymond or Stephanie will be there in person as opposed to a corporation based in another state that is reached through a 1-800 number and automated phone system.

Stephanie and Raymond want to make meaningful and lasting connections with the community. That is why Shiloh Apothecary hosts special events, such as an upcoming gathering for babies and new moms.

The hometown pharmacy also boasts a baby department with products for moms and newborns. Stephanie and Raymond have two girls, ages 3 and 5.

Stephanie and Raymond have been pharmacists for years, having both graduated from the pharmacy school at the University of Mississippi. Moreover, they have a team of longtime pharmacy professionals known by many people in the community.

Kellie Carter is a certified pharmacy technician at Shiloh Apothecary and has worked in the profession for 23 years. She previously worked at the former B & R Pharmacy on Shiloh Road.

Likewise, delivery driver and pharmacy technician Ryan Lipford has been in the pharmacy business for 17 years, most of which were with the former James Bennett Apothecary.

In fact, Shiloh Apothecary is in the same building where James Bennett Apothecary was located. It was another well-known and respected hometown pharmacy, and Stephanie was honored to work there as well.

It is rewarding for her and Raymond to carry on the next generation of hometown pharmacies in Corinth. Their respect for the past is shown by the former James Bennett Apothecary sign proudly displayed in Shiloh Apothecary.

While Shiloh Apothecary has a great appreciation for the past it also has the latest technology including a mobile phone app to help people manage their prescriptions. Customers can also receive text messages when their prescriptions are ready.

The hometown pharmacy also offers med sync to refill numerous prescriptions at the same scheduled time.

Prescription packaging is provided free of charge to sort customers’ medications by day of the week. Convenient services such as free delivery, mail order and a drive-through window are also available.

Stephanie said the best aspect of the pharmacy business is helping people, and Shiloh Apothecary is devoted to customer service. Customers are not just a number or another prescription to be filled at Shiloh Apothecary.

People receive personal, sit-down consultations on prescriptions. The staff also takes the time to advise customers on the best over-the-counter medicines. Stephanie is expanding her expertise of natural products such as vitamins, supplements, herbals and essential oils.

She also provides compounding pharmacy services to make creams, suppositories, lollipops and lozenges. In fact, Shiloh Apothecary is the only pharmacy in Corinth that does complex compounding, Stephanie added.

Shiloh Apothecary is in a convenient location by the intersection of East Shiloh Road and North Harper Road, an area of town with significant growth.

Shiloh Apothecary is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It can be reached at (662) 594-1573 or visit their website by clicking here.


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