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Corinth Woman Charged With Meth Trafficking


By Josh Mitchell
Corinth Today News Editor
A Corinth woman has been charged with trafficking methamphetamine after Corinth Police narcotics investigators allegedly found more than 30 grams of the drug at a North Parkway residence, an official said.
Brittany Waddell, 31, has been charged with meth trafficking in connection with the April 25 incident, said Corinth Police Detective Capt. Dell Green.
Police narcotics investigators searched the North Parkway residence during a followup of a drug investigation, Green said.
A search warrant was obtained, and police found Waddell occupying the residence. The search allegedly turned up 34 grams of methamphetamine, and Waddell was taken into custody, Green added.
Waddell also had a Mississippi Department of Corrections placed on her after her arrest since she was on probation, Green noted.


  1. Rick Rick May 15, 2018

    Let’s see how large that smile is after standing in front of the judge and getting her new living quarters…. Someone please post that pic when it happens!

  2. Jesse Foster Jesse Foster May 15, 2018

    Sure is smiling to be in trouble… good lawyer or lots of family here….

  3. Janet Collinsworth Janet Collinsworth May 16, 2018

    The more of thos poison drug they get off the street the better! This evil drug has almost killed 2 members of my family and i am so sick of it.!! She sure is smiling big for someone who is going to get alot of time that is mandatory now bc of the new law that just passed! Oh well
    Thank God.

  4. John H. John H. May 16, 2018

    Fine example of white trash proud, something this area has no shortage of.

  5. Chuck Duncan Chuck Duncan May 16, 2018

    Wow, is she really 6’2″?

  6. Mike Mike May 16, 2018

    Have you all lost your minds? She is smiling because she knows the criminal justice system is broken and that she will bond out and be back making and selling meth in a few hours. When she goes to court in 12 months she will get probation.

  7. Rodney hatchie Rodney hatchie May 16, 2018

    Who are we to judge seems to me she’s owning up with a smile..why not? She looks great tho!

  8. Mike Mike May 16, 2018

    Ya gotta smile when you can’t do anything else….

  9. Terry Ramirez Terry Ramirez May 17, 2018

    Seems pretty proud of herself. Big Bertha will wipe that smile right off her face.

  10. Matt Matt May 19, 2018

    Why do people get such pleasure out of someone’s mistakes everyone deserves a second chance!!!

    • 2ndChance? 2ndChance? May 21, 2018

      This was her second chance, she was on PROBATION. That means she has been here before…..duuuh!

  11. Hypocrite Hypocrite May 23, 2018

    She’s not a bad person jus caught up in a bad situation! She’s smiling at all you haters who talk smack about her or others n her shoes! Duh, of course she knows most of you fall under this catagory!

  12. Tweaked out Tweaked out May 23, 2018

    Ever think she just might be smiling at the lonely bottom feeders who have nothing more to do than judge! She made her decision and you read about it! Enough! She will do the time for the crime and that’s her business! Most of the people who took tile to comment are those dope heads who y’all about other people being dope heads! Lol! “U been exposed an the secrets out”

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