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Alcorn County Jail Docket, Dec. 19-21

Everyone listed on the jail docket is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Joshua Logan Barnes, 28, Corinth Police, trespassing;

Raymond Matthew Petrey, 39, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, (warrant) failure to appear;

Robert Roy Thompson, 29, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, misdemeanor DUI 1st, no insurance, felony fleeing, reckless driving, no seatbelt, felony possession of firearm;

David Allen Woods, 31, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, (warrant) failure to appear;

Michael Anthony McCollum, 32, Corinth Police, disorderly conduct;

Billy Ray Ragan, 53, Corinth Police, DUI 1st, open container;

Karen Jean Lacy, 55, Corinth Police, open container;

Carl Douglas Eaton, 37, Mississippi Department of Corrections, probation violation;

Chad Michael Shear, 43, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, public drunk;

Jody Eugene Turner, 34, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, (warrant) no insurance;

Daisha Laquan Wooden, 21, Corinth Police, disorderly conduct, (warrant) no driver’s license;

Candy Kay Morrow, 31, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, possession of meth;

Joshua Shea Weaver, 30, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, possession of meth;

Daniel Tyson Morrow, 37, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, possession of counterfeit banknote, receiving stolen property;

Jasmaine Rayshell Nichols, 27, Corinth Police, shoplifting first, false information, (warrant) no driver’s license, (warrant) selling or receiving stolen property;

Lawrence Edward Sain, 28, Corinth Police, shoplifting;

Ashanti Alcocci Alexander, 31, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, shoplifting;

Kevin Jamon Neal, 54, Corinth Police, (warrant) failure to appear;

Clarence Junior Harvey Jr., 31, Corinth Police, felony fleeing, disobey traffic device, improper parking, attempt to commit an offense-felony aggravated assault, no driver’s license;

Jennifer Allison Norman, 41, Corinth Police, (warrant) suspended driver’s license, (warrant) no insurance, (warrant) shoplifting;

Joslin Becky Gail Doles, 45, Corinth Police, public drunk;

Michael Patrick Timbes, 38, Corinth Police, public drunk;

Connor Lynn Richardson, 20, Corinth Police, DUI other (marijuana), no insurance, no driver’s license;

Jamey Lane Hollins, 30, Corinth Police, possession of paraphernalia;

Richard Andrew Wilkins, 32, Corinth Police, possession of paraphernalia.

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