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Alcorn County Jail Docket, Nov. 29-Dec. 4

Everyone listed on the jail docket is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Matthew Scott Jones, 35, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, (warrant) failure to appear;

Hollis Dale Lambert, 47, Corinth Police, (warrant) failure to appear;

Charles Edward Morgan, 67, Farmington Police, (warrant) petit larceny;

Brandy Leigh Mauney, 37, Corinth Police, (warrant) shoplifting 2nd;

Cody John King, 26, Corinth Police, (warrant) failure to appear;

Aaron Williams Taylor, 18, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, DUI 1st, careless driving;

Joshua Ivin Lewis, 32, Alcorn County sheriff’s Office, (warrant) no seatbelt, possession of paraphernalia;

Carl Douglas Eaton, 37, Corinth Police, false information;

Janet H. Johnson, 49, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Officer, probation violation;

Robert Lee Brunner, 51, Corinth Police, (warrant) no driver’s license;

Pamela Williams Meeks, 56, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, (warrant) false pretenses;

Rendell Redell Taylor, 38, Corinth Police, shoplifting first;

Charla Renee Duncan, 50, Corinth Police, (warrant) shoplifting 2nd;

Jason Leon Parson, 25, Corinth Police, (warrant) failure to appear;

William Edward Savell, 35, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, contempt of court;

Relisa Ann Nelson, 48, Corinth Police, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia;

Randy Lee White, 22, Corinth Police, (warrant) driving while license suspended;

Cory Benjamin Wood, 18, Farmington Police, shoplifting first;

Sammy Dwight Brown, 35, Corinth Police, public drunk;

Shalania Darlene Isbell, 51, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, possession of beer/wine in dry county;

Frederick Matthew Wilhite, 49, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, no insurance, switched tag, driving while license suspended;

Debra Miller Leggett, 61, Corinth Police, (warrant) DUI 1st, careless driving, driving while license suspended;

Johnnie Voyles Delk, 47, Corinth Police, shoplifting first;

Heather Cecilia Burgos, 36, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, petit larceny, trespassing;

Brian Akers, 43, Corinth Police, petit larceny, trespassing;

Laura Allana Glover, 35, Mississippi Highway Patrol, DUI 1st, no driver’s license, no insurance, speeding, reckless driving, failure to yield to blue lights;

Herbert Henderson Brown III, 37, Corinth Police, public drunk, open container, possession of marijuana;

Chad Wayne Collins, 28, Corinth Police, (warrant) no insurance;

Joshua Andrew Burress, 28, Corinth Police, (warrant) failure to appear;

Matthew Brian Russell, 44, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, DHS;

Sadonnah Burress, 50, Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, (warrant) speeding, disorderly conduct;

Sergio Viberos, 43, Corinth Police, DUI 1st;

Carlton L. Marshell, 48, Corinth Police, disturbance of family;

Michael Tyler Chambers, 28, Corinth Police, (warrant) failure to pay, (warrant) driving while license suspended.

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