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Posts published in “Commentary”

Cash for Cuts in Corinth

By Josh Mitchell Corinth Today News Editor As I was running out of time, my stress level started rising, and I was twisting my long sideburns—a nervous habit. What got me in this predicament you ask? Well it is something that I learned about Corinth on Tuesday morning as I…

Will MSU or Ole Miss Be the Better Football Team Next Season?

This weekend, Corinth Today asked residents which football team they think will be better next season— Ole Miss or Mississippi State. Last week, recruits decided which school they will play for. Corinth Today spoke with the residents at Plaza Bowling Lanes, Juju’s Shrimpboat Cafe and downtown.

Positive Activity Abounds in Corinth and Alcorn County

By Gary Chandler These are the great days in Corinth and Alcorn County. The Crossroads has long served as an employment and retail hub for adjacent counties in Northeast Mississippi and southwest Tennessee. Corinth and Alcorn County enter 2016 riding a wave of the momentum created in part by seven job-creation projects.…

Introducing Corinth Today!

Corinth, today, is a city proud of its past but not resting on it. Corinth, today, is a city full of charm with a vision of where it wants to go, and is already well along that path. Corinth, today, is the seat of a county made up of good…