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Dead Dog Found With Rope Tied Around Body

A family is searching for answers in the death of their dog, Boodro.

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today New Editor

(Graphic image below)

A family’s dog was found dead Saturday in the Glen area with a rope tied around his wounded and bloody body.

Now the family wants to know who may have done something like this to their pet.

It appeared the dog had numerous puncture wounds all over him, said Selina Hastings.

The dog, Boodro, was found in front of an abandoned house Saturday afternoon on County Road 325 in the Glen area.

Blood was all over him, and wounds were on his body and head. His collar was found beside him, and it appeared as though he had been beaten and dragged. The rope was tied around the back side of his body.

There are no leads now on who may have done this, she said.

Boodro, a full-blooded boxer, came up missing about three weeks ago and was discovered Saturday while the family was out ATV riding close to the house.

It was strange that the dog went missing a few weeks ago because he always stayed close to home, Hastings said.

A report was filed with the sheriff’s office Saturday, Hastings said.

Other people in the Glen and Farmington areas have told her their dogs have also come up missing, she said.

Boodro was a friendly dog and was not aggressive, Hastings said.

Those with information can share anonymous tips by calling Hastings at 662-212-2272. A reward is being offered.

A rope was tied around the dog’s body.

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  1. Jay Anthony Jay Anthony March 25, 2019

    Disgusting.Whomever did this,when caught,should be punished to the full extent of the law,and sent to Parchman.

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