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Lawnmowers Begin Arriving at Arena for Saturday Event

Many of the lawnmowers have unique designs.

Some of the hot rod lawnmowers have already arrived at the Crossroads Arena in Corinth for Saturday’s big event.

About 100 to 200 lawnmowers are expected to take part in the Saturday lawnmower pull, which starts at 1 p.m.

(More photos below)

The goal of the competition is to see which lawnmowers can pull a weighted sled the farthest distance. The lawnmowers will pull weight up to 7,500 pounds for a distance of around 250 feet.

Some of the lawnmowers run on alcohol fuel, which is called methane. And some of them have car engines and motorcycle engines.

People can attend the event for free or a small donation.

Participants are expected to come from several states.

The event is organized by Corinth residents Leroy Marlar, Travis Thompson and Larry Nelms.

“It’s just a good hobby,” Nelms said.

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