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Corinth Hospital Board Meets in Private for Nearly Three Hours

The Magnolia Regional Health Center Board of Trustees met in closed session Thursday night.

By Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today

The Magnolia Regional Health Center Board of Trustees met for nearly three hours behind closed doors Thursday night.


After the board reopened the meeting to the public, board attorney Brad Dillard provided a rundown of the items that the board discussed and took action on.

Dillard said “there were no legal matters discussed.”

Some of the items from the closed session included: Approving medical staff credentials,  MRHC CEO Ronny Humes provided an anesthesia services update, a financial review was accepted by the board, two employment agreements were approved and there was a strategic planning discussion that “included a feasibility study in the amount of $30,000 for strategic issues.”

The board then adjourned from executive session and reopened the meeting to the public. Once the meeting was reopened to the public, the board adopted the action taken in closed session.

The meeting was then adjourned.

Prior to the board going into closed session, MRHC Marketing Director Ben Tucker gave a presentation on the hospital’s new marketing campaign called Magnolia Matters.

Tucker said the “new marketing concept” features stories from staff members and patients. The hospital partnered with Leading Edges, an advertising agency from Meridian, Tucker added.

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  1. brenda caycon brenda caycon March 8, 2019

    if the hospital is in such bad shape the why did they hire 3 doctors from memphis to come in to do orthopedics? when we already had magnolia orthopedics? and why did they put them in dr.mathis office?josh you might need to go snooping around that place and get the real stories.and what bout all the ones who have made up jobs cause they know somebody who can get them one.i wonder who has dipped in the till?

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