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Busy Families Benefit From New Corinth Meal Service

A new meal service at Crossroads Learning Center in Corinth is a convenience for busy families. From left are Andrea Burcham and Judy Sims.

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

A Corinth preschool has started a dynamic new meal service that allows parents to spend more quality time with their children in the evenings.

Parents and others can now pick up pre-ordered meals at Crossroads Learning Center, 2037 U.S. Highway 72 E., when they get their children at the end of the day.

This is not just open to parents with children at Crossroads Learning Center. Anyone in the community can order the meals and pick them up at the preschool. The nutritious meals are fresh and warm when they are picked up and run about the same cost as fast food.

The meal service is only in its second week, and it has already exceeded expectations, said Andrea Burcham, owner of Crossroads Catering Company, which prepares the food.

I‘m very excited at the turnout thus far,” said Burcham, a parent of three.

A portion of the money from the meal sales goes back to the preschool.

It is great to see how the service helps the parents at the end of a long day, said Judy Sims, director of Crossroads Learning Center. Now they can pick up warm, freshly prepared meals and go home to enjoy nutritious dinners with their families.

This way parents do not have to go home and cook and do the dishes and can instead spend that time interacting with their children, Sims noted. Parents have been “thrilled” with the service, she added.

What we do here is a ministry to our community,” Sims said. “It’s another outreach of the church.”

Crossroads Learning Center is connected to Church of the Crossroads. Burcham attends Church of the Crossroads and felt that this was a way she could give back through the preschool.

The menus are posted weekly on Burcham’s Facebook page. At this time, the meals are available on Mondays and Wednesdays, but Sims hopes the service grows.

Each night includes a couple of menu options. For instance, one option could be an entree with two sides. This time of year people also like soup and bread. Chicken and dumplings are on the menu this Wednesday, and Burcham said she has to make about 40 quarts.

Salads and casseroles are examples of other meals, and it is all about finding out what the people want and adapting the service to meet their needs. Burcham has been building relationships with the parents by sending out surveys and offering samples to see what they like best.

Meals have to be ordered by Friday, and there is an order form where people can indicate what time they will pick up their meals.

For more information contact Crossroads Learning Center at (662) 286-6838.

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