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Biggersville Elementary Adds Excitement to Student Testing Week

Biggersville Elementary Principal Elizabeth White stands by some of the Dr. Seuss decorations at her school. The children wrote on stars why they love BES. (Photo by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Who said student testing week can’t be fun?

Don’t tell that to Biggersville Elementary School.

BES students are taking benchmark testing this week to see where they stand before state testing is given in the spring.

Rather than this week just being about testing, BES decided to hold Dr. Seuss Week at the same time.

BES Principal Elizabeth White stressed the importance of testing but said school can still be fun and exciting. White notices a difference in the children when so many fun activities are scheduled around testing.

“It kind of sets the whole tone for the week ahead,” White said. “There’s definitely an added layer of energy and excitement in the school as a whole.”

At the end of the day, “These are still children,” she added.

One group of children tested Monday afternoon, and they were in good spirits afterward. Their energy levels were up, and they knocked the test out, White said.

The students are still learning what they need to know, but the lessons have a Dr. Seuss spin. For instance, the fifth- and sixth-grade students are learning about area by creating Dr. Seuss hats.

“It makes this week just a whole lot of fun for the teachers and kids,” said White.

The children walked into school Monday morning with looks of wonder because of all the bright colors and decorations hanging from the ceiling, White said.

The entire school is decorated with a Dr. Seuss theme thanks to teachers who devoted time over the weekend to turn the hallways into magical places. Students are also creating academic crafts that will be added to the school decorations.

The children can dress up each day this week with crazy socks, wacky clothes and even come to school as a Dr. Seuss character. This gives the children a chance to find something that fits their personalities.

“When you’re able to tap into that you automatically have more energy out of the kids,” White said.

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