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Opinion: Alcorn County is Beautiful

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Alcorn County is a beautiful place.

I have the evidence to prove it.

For the past couple of weeks Corinth Today has embarked on a photography project called “The Country Roads of Alcorn County.”


I have traveled many county roads during this project, taken more than 100 pictures and published many of them on

When we first started the project in January, someone quipped that it must be a slow news day.


But what better way to use such time than to highlight the natural beauty of this area? Golden grass, crystal ponds, a perched bald eagle, rustic barns, patriotic scenes and countless other images are on display for free in Alcorn County.

As I have stated in this column before, I have lived in some of the more beautiful places in this land, including the Wyoming mountains, the Florida beaches, the Smokies and along the banks of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

With that said, I consider myself fairly well traveled in America, and I can tell you Alcorn County is just as beautiful as all those places.

We have not yet finished our travels down Alcorn County’s country roads. There is more to see as this series continues, and I thank those who have taken a few moments out of their days to look at some of the pictures I have taken.

In the news business, we often hear about the negative occurrences in our community. Hopefully, this photo series will spread some beauty. Is it newsworthy? Maybe.

In journalism school we learn about the five elements of news to determine if something is newsworthy — timeliness, proximity, oddity, prominence and impact. I can make an argument that the beauty of nature meets those elements.

Proximity: Nature is all around us.

Timeliness: Each season has its own beauty.

Oddity: Beauty like Alcorn County’s is rare.

Prominence: God created nature. Who is more prominent than the Lord? No one.

Impact: Natural beauty impacts all of our senses.

Given all of Alcorn County’s natural beauty, it’s never a slow news day here, my friends.

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  1. Barbara Dial Barbara Dial February 8, 2019

    I am from Booneville, Mississippi. My family lived in the New Site area. I enjoyed the pictures. I wondered about the individuals behind the pictures or the story behind the scene.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Barbara Lindsey Dial

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