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More Than $220,000 Sought In MRHC-Related Lawsuits in January

Magnolia Regional Health Center in Corinth has filed 17 lawsuits in January alone seeking unpaid debt.

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Magnolia Regional Health Center in Corinth filed 17 lawsuits in the first month of 2019 seeking more than $140,000 in unpaid debt and attorney’s fees from individuals, court records show.

In addition to those 17 lawsuits, another six unpaid debt lawsuits have also been filed this year by TCM, Inc. in connection with MRHC.

Between MRHC and TCM, Inc., more than $220,000 in unpaid debt and attorney’s fees is sought from individuals. And that just covers the lawsuits for one month this year.

Corinth Today plans to keep a monthly tally of MRHC-related lawsuits filed over debt collection in 2019.

Below is a list of the MRHC and TCM, Inc. lawsuits filed in the first month of 2019.

Corinth Today has chosen to not publish the name of the person being sued by the hospital or TCM over unpaid debt.

The total dollar amounts listed are what MRHC and TCM, Inc. have asked the individuals to pay. The totals include the amount that the individuals are in default and the attorney fees requested by MRHC and TCM, Inc.

January Lawsuits filed by MRHC

MRHC vs. Individual 1


MRHC vs. Individual 2


MRHC vs. Individual 3


MRHC vs. Individual 4


MRHC vs. Individual 5


MRHC vs. Individual 6


MRHC vs. Individual 7


MRHC vs. Individual 8


MRHC vs. Individual 9


MRHC vs. Individual 10


MRHC vs. Individual 11


MRHC vs. Individual 12


MRHC vs. Individual 13


MRHC vs. Individual 14


MRHC vs. Individual 15


MRHC vs. Individual 16


MRHC vs. Individual 17


Total MRHC Lawsuits: $140,970

January Lawsuits Filed by TCM, Inc. in Connection With MRHC

TCM vs. Individual 1


TCM vs. Individual 2


TCM vs. Individual 3


TCM vs. Individual 4


TCM vs. Individual 5


TCM vs. Individual 6


Total TCM: $80,969


  1. john pumpler john pumpler February 5, 2019

    mag has too many people in high paying jobs that are not needed but they always put staff off flooors to save money so to speak .you also need to find out the reason that woman left a while back and print it , what you really need is an informer to let all know what really goes on in that place .god forbid i have to be a patiant in there again

  2. Edward Cole Edward Cole February 6, 2019

    If you are a patient I hope you pay your bills, unlike those persons mentioned in this article. Healthcare is not free and MRHC must produce income to stay open. I have used MRHC many times over the years and was always given the ability to make payments on my balance that was not covered by insurance. When you go to Wal-Mart to buy groceries when you are hungry do they let you eat the food and pay for it later? No they don’t but MRHC will save your life and bill you later. If you don’t like MRHC go somewhere else and let them sue you for payment. This isn’t limited to MRHC, why doesn’t CT be fair about it and look at the hospitals surrounding Alcorn County and report the same on them.

  3. Lew Talbert Lew Talbert February 6, 2019

    Most hospitals will accept a monthly payment plan as long as it is within reason. Could it be that the ones getting sued are the ones who ignored their bill and made no effort to talk to the collection dept?

    • Mary Burrell Mary Burrell February 6, 2019

      Yes they will work with you for the bill,i for one know this for a fact,i have been paying 50.00 a month for 18 years to pay a large amount after insurance for surgery i finely got the last payment paid last month Jan.2018.Thank you God for the care they gave me in 2000 and let me pay monthly till paid in full.yes you can pay if you want to,i think and know for sure for some they dont want to. They dont care let someone else pay like every thing else in your life.

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