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School Employees Could Be Fired for Failing to Report Bullying Under Bill

School employees could be fired for failing to report bullying under a bill filed in the Mississippi Legislature.

State Rep. Nick Bain, D-Corinth

The Bullying Deterrent Act would also expand the definition of bullying to include acts that “cause others to harm themselves.”

It would also allow schools, school districts and anyone who fails to report bullying to be held civilly liable for damages that resulted from the failure to do so.

Moreover, bullying would also be included in suicide prevention programs and also fall under criminal simple assault, the bill adds.

The bill number is HB 270, and it is sponsored by State Rep. Nick Bain, D-Corinth.



    How about jailing school officials who cover up sexual misconduct among their employees, as in the case of North Corinth Baptist Church and School?

  2. Micheal Grey Micheal Grey January 16, 2019

    A small amount of forethought makes it obvious that this could be a very problematic policy that will likely cause many injustices and diminishes the student bodies safety rather than promoting justice and a safer environment. All a misguided, emotional teen with a grudge need do now to harm another they have a grievance with, is harm themselves before providing an unfalsifiable accusational story. This legislation will basically embolden and empower those inclined to make such false accusations which outside of printed text, audio, or video will be “he said she said” cases that could easily ruin the lives of innocent young people legally, financially, and socially.

    If anyone accuses this analysis of the dangers involved in implementing this policy as paranoid or unrealistic, I can glady provide evidence of many people doing exactly the activities I know this legislation entices people to; namely victimizing themselves in order to weaponize legal punishment. Here’s one instance where ironically the innocent husband would possibly be prosecuted if the laws this article described were being enacted in the adult world if the court bought her story that he was somehow able to “cause others to harm themselves.”! Would that have been just?

  3. D. Bates D. Bates January 16, 2019

    What recourse for the parents when it’s the teachers that are the bullies?

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