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Glidewell Seeks Re-Election as District 4 Alcorn County Supervisor

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Republican Alcorn County Supervisor Steve Glidewell is seeking re-election to District 4.

Glidewell, who is seeking his second term, faces one opponent so far — independent candidate Gary Ross.


Glidewell said the financial standing of Alcorn County has greatly improved during his tenure. He noted that the county faced serious financial problems when he took office but now has money in reserves.

“We have made a lot of good decisions in the past three years,” said Glidewell.

He and other county officials steered the county away from near bankruptcy to having financial reserves, he added.

Glidewell wants to see the county continue in the right direction so it can be in the best place for future generations, he said.

If re-elected, Glidewell said he wants to keep building the county’s financial reserve so the tax rate can be lowered.

He said two of the lower-rated bridges in the county were fixed during his tenure. A school bus could not even cross one of the bridges before it was fixed, he added.

Glidewell said another accomplishment has been having a board of supervisors that works as a team to improve the county. He noted that the board members have a good relationship and have been unanimous when it comes to making decisions that improve the county’s finances.

Seeing the county’s financial outlook turn around has been the most gratifying aspect of his tenure, he said. If re-elected, Glidewell said he also wants to continue making improvements to roads and bridges.

Making sure the county government is accountable to the citizens is also very important to Glidewell, he added.

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