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Former Alcorn County Supervisor Gary Ross Seeks Fourth Term

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Gary Ross, who served three terms as an Alcorn County supervisor, is once again seeking election to the 4th District.


Ross is running as an independent candidate and has one opponent so far — incumbent Democrat Steve Glidewell.

Ross said he is not a “yes man” and “cannot be bought.” County supervisors should ask questions and have discussion to do what is best for the taxpayers, he said.

Ross said he brings a wealth of experience to the county supervisor role, having been part of large county projects and other pivotal changes in Alcorn County.

As a supervisor he was focused on improving roads in the 4th District. He would drive a different section of his district on Sunday mornings to stay up to date on maintenance needs. He recalled the 100-year flood of 2010 that damaged roads.

Ross also said he is a hard worker who has been involved in hay and cattle operations for 50 years. He was also a manufacturing manager with ITT telecommunications, he noted.

During his time in office from 2004 to 2015, he was involved in large projects such as the construction of the Kimberly-Clark Road and the Alcorn County Justice Center.

He said he always operated the 4th District within the budget and that a lot of roads were improved during his tenure. He said he left about $400,000 in the budget for roads, bridges and other repair needs when he left office. He feels as though he left the district in a good position and wants to keep fighting for “change and improvement.”

“I like to work,” he said, adding that he has a lot of knowledge when it comes to the county supervisor position.

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