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Commentary: I’ve Got Some Bad Habits

By Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today

I’ve got quite a few bad habits.

I need to break them.


I can hear a hip-hop song on TV and immediately start singing along and moving my head as though I am cool. I’m not.

I eat a lot of salt, but at least I don’t have high blood pressure, yet. I will get to the bottom of a bag of pretzels, and I can’t resist pressing my fingers into the salt crystals in the corner of the bag and then letting the salt blissfully dissolve on my tongue.

As I write this column, I am eating extra salty, buttery popcorn, some of it dropping on the hardwood floor. Another bad habit.

I anticipate too much. Rather than living in the present I often think about what’s next, missing out on the here and now.

I am too hard on myself about certain things and not hard enough on myself about other things. For instance, I blame myself for not reading enough when in fact I read quite a bit. But I don’t crack down on myself for not exercising enough.

Sometimes I take things too seriously when I should just enjoy life. Maybe this leads to other bad habits such as grinding my teeth.

I go from zero to 100 on sweets. I can eat no candy bars for a week and then eat two king sized in an hour. I ate a king-sized candy bar today with Reese’s Pieces stuffed inside of it. That was after I ate the first candy bar.

I often do not eat breakfast, and sometimes I will cook the same meal two nights in a row — baked chicken with green beans. (At least it’s healthy).

I do not drink enough water.

The good thing is that I have gotten rid of many bad habits.

I do not overthink issues the way I used to.

My grammar is solid, and I hardly ever curse.

I don’t worry as much as I did a few years ago.

I can usually find a productive way to spend my downtime.

I am rarely bored. With as many bad habits as I’ve got, I have plenty to keep me occupied as I try to break them.

One of the worse bad habits is telling ourselves we’re not good enough. This can be a hard habit to break, and it deserves much attention.

Just don’t overthink it.

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