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Estimated 35 Percent of Local Households Lack Broadband Subscriptions

This U.S. Census Bureau map shows 55-64.9 percent of Alcorn County households have broadband Internet subscriptions.

Up to 19.9 percent in poverty in county

By Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today

The U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday released new county-level data for five years (2013-2017) measuring dozens of issues ranging from poverty to broadband Internet subscriptions.

Mississippi is among the states nationally with the lowest levels of broadband Internet subscriptions.

Alcorn County has a higher level of Internet subscriptions than many other counties in the state, but still lags behind many areas in the nation.

Nationally, higher levels of Internet subscriptions were associated with higher incomes. On average, 76 percent of households had broadband Internet subscriptions in counties with a median income of $50,000 or more.

In comparison, roughly 65 percent of households had broadband subscriptions in counties with a median income less than $50,000.

Here are some highlights for Alcorn, Tippah, Prentiss and Tishomingo counties:

Median household income

Alcorn: Less than $40,000

Tippah: Less than $40,000

Prentiss: Less than $40,000

Tishomingo: Less than $40,000

Poverty rate

Alcorn: 15-19.9 percent

Tippah: 20-29.9 percent

Prentiss: 20-29.9 percent

Tishomingo: 15-19.9 percent

Subscription to any kind of broadband Internet

Alcorn: 55-64.9 percent

Tippah: 55-64.9 percent

Prentiss: 55-64.9 percent

Tishomingo: 55-64.9 percent

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  1. Tommy Tommy December 6, 2018

    Look where the purple is vs the light blue!😡anybody see why the states are purple & where our tax $ is going & why it’s light blue! SWAMP!

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