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Corinth Man Indicted on Credit Card, Burglary Charges

By Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today 


A Corinth man has been indicted on a trio of theft-related charges, including breaking and entering a house and unauthorized use of a credit card, court records show.

Nigel Winston Suggs, 34, was recently arrested in connection with the indictments handed down by an Alcorn County grand jury.

One charge alleges that Suggs broke into a vehicle with the intent to steal someone’s personal property in January.

Count II of the same indictment alleges that Suggs illegally used someone’s credit card with the intent to “defraud” the person of $100 or more. Suggs stated that he was authorized to use the card when in fact he had not received permission from the cardholder, the indictment charges.

The charge related to the unauthorized use of the credit card occurred on the same day as the alleged vehicle break-in and involved the same victim, the records state.

A separate indictment against Suggs involved a different alleged victim and charged that he broke into someone’s house with the intent to steal. This also allegedly occurred in January but about 11 days before the other two incidents.

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