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Students With Disabilities to Receive Extra Focus at KMS, ACMS

Alcorn School District officials are working to close achievement gaps for students with disabilities.

KMS, ACMS Seek to Close Achievement Gaps for Students With Disabilities

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Alcorn Central Middle School and Kossuth Middle School are getting a boost to help close English and math achievement gaps for students with disabilities.

Each school will receive about $40,000 in federal school improvement funds to implement plans to raise test scores for students in the disabilities subgroup, said Brian Phelps, the school district’s federal programs director.

Leadership teams made up of principals, special education teachers, counselors and district-level officials will develop “targeted-support” plans to help students with disabilities perform better on state tests.

The Alcorn School Board and state officials must receive the plans from ACMS and KMS by Dec. 10 with implementation to begin in January.

The funding must be spent on evidence-based interventions, such as more technology or personnel, that are not currently used in the schools.

Phelps is optimistic that scores for students with disabilities at KMS and ACMS will improve when the state tests are administered again in the spring. Leading up to the state tests, progress will be monitored to ensure everything is being done to help students with disabilities improve.

The Alcorn School Board will also receive monthly reports, including information on student and teacher absences, Phelps added.

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