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Shell Casings Found After Shots Fired Report at Corinth Park Sunday

By Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today

Corinth Police responded to a park on South Johns Street on Sunday afternoon after receiving a report of shots being fired, according to a police report.

Police responded to the park at 1102 S. Johns St. at about 2:13 p.m. after it was reported that several shots were fired.

Three shell casings from a 9-milimeter were discovered after a brief canvass of the area, the police report obtained by Corinth Today states.

An officer went to the park area and saw what appeared to be “four marks in the grass from a bullet,” the police report adds

A gunshot was also in a nearby parked vehicle.

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  1. Jay Anthony Jay Anthony November 6, 2018

    Residents of the “hood” esp. in Corinth housing AND TVRA apt.’s are ALWAYS popping caps, nite and when drinking / doing their dope….
    One would think the god home owning folks in that park area would be up in arms…only short term answer is to increase patrols in the area. ANOTHER favorite shooting area is the corner of Meigs by the Natnl. Cemetery,and Combs Court Apt.area.

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