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UPDATE: No Drive-by Shooting, Sheriff Caldwell Says


UPDATE: Alcorn County Sheriff Ben Caldwell said early Sunday there was not a drive-by shooting Saturday night on County Road 218 near Farmington.

Multiple people in the area reported hearing around seven to eight gunshots shortly before 10 p.m.

“We have no evidence of a criminal act — just reports of individuals hearing shots,” the sheriff said.

Original story below:

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

BREAKING NEWS: (This post will be updated as credible information from authorities and nearby residents becomes available).

Authorities are reportedly responding to a possible drive-by shooting on County Road 218 (Old Highway 72) in Alcorn County on Saturday at 9:50 p.m.

An official has asked for assistance from the Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office. It appeared that the incident may have happened in the area of 370 County Road 218.

Corinth Today has not yet confirmed this information with law enforcement, but first responders have indicated the incident may have occurred.

One person who lives nearby said seven or eight gunshots were heard, but there is no information on what may or may not have been fired at.

But a different nearby resident said she lives next to County Road 218 and hears gunshots “all the time.”

Another person reported hearing about four to five shots and then a pause and then a few more shots. That same shooting pattern was corroborated by a separate person.

One person said law enforcement vehicles were seen shortly after but did not have sirens on. No one has reported hearing any sirens.

Another person who lives on 218 said her son heard gunshots around that time as well.

A couple of people who live in the area have expressed concern about their children.

There have been no reports of any injuries.

There continue to be more people state that they also heard the gunshots.

Initial reports indicate that the shots may have been fired within about two miles of Alcorn Central Elementary School.

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  1. john plump john plump November 4, 2018

    i live on the other side of the county and i hear gunshots all time day and night some only one them sometime a lot .around here it’s nothing unusual to hear them.could have been some body shooting at an armadillo or a stray dog or just shooting in the back yard? i hope nobody was shooting at somebody or at a house.i got friends out that way so i hope all issafe

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