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No Suspect in Custody, Victim Likely Alive in Corinth Shooting

Corinth Police investigate a shooting near the intersection of Young and Wick streets on Wednesday morning. (Photo by Josh Mitchell)

Were schools notified of shooting less than one mile from CES?

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

The person shot Wednesday less than one mile from Corinth Elementary School appears to be alive.

Alcorn County Coroner Jay Jones said Thursday morning that he has not received any reports of the person passing away, indicating the person is likely still living. The victim has been identified as Demarcus Tipler.

Meanwhile, a suspect is not in custody, Corinth Police Chief Ralph Dance told Corinth Today on Thursday morning.

The shooting occurred at about 11:30 a.m. at the intersection of Wick and Young streets.

Corinth Today is attempting to find out if the school district was notified shortly after the shooting since it occurred less than a mile from the elementary school.

Corinth School District Superintendent Dr. Lee Childress said he would contact Corinth Today about the issue.

Corinth Today also asked Mayor Tommy Irwin for a copy of a policy, if one exists, regarding the city police department notifying schools if a dangerous incident occurs close to a school. Irwin said he would ask City Clerk Vickie Roach to look into the matter.

Dance said the police department communicates with the Corinth schools on a daily basis. The police will notify schools if there is a safety concern and need for a lockdown, Dance added.

After the shooting, police in SWAT gear patrolled the area throughout the afternoon, and made entry into at least one home after loudly announcing that police were outside.

The chief added that there was also no safety concerns for trick-or-treaters Wednesday night in regard to a suspect still not being in custody. Dance said the shooting incident was between two people and was not a random act of violence.


  1. John John November 1, 2018

    Sounds like you trying to burn what little integrity you had, Wielding what little power you may or may not have to damage the police department. All because your poor little feelings are hurt because you didnt get what you wanted just like a spoiled child.

  2. Jason Welch Jason Welch November 1, 2018

    So if he knows it is between two people and not a random act of violence then he must know who it was and what it was all about . As the Corinthian reported it seemed that he told them that it was over a conversation to me the shooter must be crazy to shoot someone in that matter over a conversation and would most likely be a danger if words cause this type of action.

  3. Jason Welch Jason Welch November 1, 2018

    Also, I think the school should be held responsible it is time that the superintendent and the school board answers to someone. They are appointed by the alderman but never really answers to them besides a report given by the superintendent but in all the meetings I’ve been to he has never said out school was performing at a level below other area school.

  4. Jason Welch Jason Welch November 1, 2018

    The daily Corinthian has a picture of the suspect Too bad that was not released to all media outlets but only to select groups.

  5. Brian Brown Brian Brown November 1, 2018

    I think the chief does a good job for Corinth if u don’t like our leaders get the Hell out of town

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