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Beating Suspect Arrested, Case Sent to FBI

Luke Kiddy

Motive in Alleged Attack Unclear, Corinth Police Say

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Corinth Police on Thursday morning arrested a Glen resident for allegedly assaulting a man at a downtown restaurant Friday night.

Luke Kiddy, 22, County Road 300, was charged with aggravated assault, a felony, for the alleged beating of Josh Bascomb, Corinth Police Department Capt. Dell Green said.

The Corinth Police Department also forwarded the case to the FBI to determine if the alleged assault involves potential civil rights (discrimination) issues, Green said.

A woman who said she witnessed the alleged assault has said Bascomb was the victim of a “hate crime.”

The witness said Bascomb was “jumped,” “sucker-punched,” “strangled” and that he lost consciousness. She said his jaw was broken and that his cheekbone area was fractured in numerous places.

Corinth Police interviewed several witnesses and spoke to the alleged victim prior to arresting Kiddy, who has retained legal counsel.

Mississippi does not have a hate crimes law, Green said. But an aggravated assault charge could be enhanced during the prosecution phase if there is evidence that someone was attacked for discriminatory reasons, Green noted.

District Attorney John Weddle was not immediately available for comment.

The motive for the alleged attack is unclear, said Green.

Kiddy turned himself into police Thursday after Corinth City Court issued a warrant for his arrest Wednesday, Green added.

Police were called to V-Taco on Cruise Street at about 11:30 p.m. Friday in reference to the alleged aggravated assault. Officers located Bascomb, who was ultimately taken by ambulance to a hospital in Memphis.

Police momentarily detained Kiddy at the scene, but he was not arrested at that time and was released a short time later.

The severity of Bascomb’s injuries were not known to police at that time, Green said. Therefore, it was unclear that night what the appropriate charge should be, he added. But once police investigated further and obtained the medical records, it was clear that felony aggravated assault was the appropriate charge, he said.

There were a number witnesses of the alleged assault, Green said.

The investigation is still open, and people who may have seen or heard anything are asked to call Corinth Police at 662-286-3377.

A Corinth Today reporter went to Kiddy’s residence Thursday afternoon to get his side of the story, but a man, not Kiddy, said, “You need to get off of my property.”

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