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Alcorn County Volunteer Firefighters Honored for Service

Alcorn County volunteer firefighters recently took part in a firemen’s rodeo during an appreciation day that was held to honor them for their many hours of service to the community.. (Courtesy photo)

Local volunteer firefighters were honored Saturday at the Crossroads Arena in Corinth for all of their hard work to help keep the people of Alcorn County safe.

Volunteer firefighters were treated to lunch and there were also activities for children.

Another highlight of the day was the firemen’s rodeo in which the volunteer firefighters enjoyed a friendly competition to demonstrate their skills at handling different firefighting tools and equipment.

Alcorn County Fire Services Coordinator Ricky Gibens said the day was a great success and a way to show appreciation for the many volunteer firefighters who serve the community.

There are about 300 volunteer firefighters on the roster in Alcorn County, and about 150 serve on a regular basis.

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