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Corinth Man Assaulted, Victim of ‘Hate Crime,’ Friend Says

Josh Bascomb at the hospital after the alleged assault.

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

A Corinth woman said she witnessed two men assault her friend Friday evening at a downtown Corinth restaurant.

Jessica Rose Thomas said her friend, Josh Bascomb, 28, was the victim of a hate crime.

Bascomb’s jaw was broken and his cheekbone area was fractured in eight places. She also said his throat was swollen from being “strangled” and that he lost consciousness.

No one was immediately arrested after the alleged assault, said Thomas, 28. Bascomb was transported by ground ambulance to Regional One Health in Memphis after the alleged assault and released Saturday, Thomas said

She said she and Bascomb had been at the Cruise Street establishment for about two hours when the alleged assault occurred at about 11:45 p.m. They had only had two drinks each, Thomas added.

The alleged assault occurred after Thomas had asked Bascomb to walk her to the restroom, she said. The two men randomly “jumped and sucker-punched” Bascomb as he and Thomas were leaving the restroom area, Thomas said.

Thomas said she was bruised when she tried to stop the alleged assault. Several people eventually pulled the men off Bascomb, she said.

Thomas said she and Bascomb did not know the men and had not had much, if any, interaction with them Friday other than being in the same area of the establishment where people were playing cornhole and socializing.


  1. Jerry Gray Jerry Gray October 7, 2018

    No description of the assailants? Poorly written article.

  2. Jay Knighton Jay Knighton October 7, 2018

    What was the hate crime? Who were the perpetrators? Opportunity for a strong article wasted.

  3. Tamatha Willis Tamatha Willis October 8, 2018

    We all read this and saw it said hate crime. But after giving it some thought here is my opinion…maybe, just maybe the guys that did this saw a guy hang around outside the girls bathroom and thought he was being a perv and was just trying to protect the girls!!!! WAIT FOR THE EVIDENCE!!!

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