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New Shiloh Apothecary Program Helps Moms Obtain Breast Pumps

Shiloh Apothecary can be reached at 662-594-1573.

Health officials recommend exclusively breastfeeding infants for six months

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Shiloh Apothecary in Corinth is doing its part to help more mothers breastfeed their babies.

The East Shiloh Road pharmacy just started a new program that allows women to rent a breast pump machine.

Renting the machine can help families with the cost of a breast pump after a pregnancy, said Stephanie Mathis, who owns Shiloh Apothecary with her husband, Raymond.

Health officials recommend exclusively breastfeeding infants for six months with continued breastfeeding with other foods until 1 year old.

At 35 percent, Mississippi had the lowest percentage in the nation for infants who were breastfed at 6 months, the CDC’s latest Breastfeeding Report Card said. Nationally, 57 percent of infants were breastfeeding at 6 months.

Renting the equipment at Shiloh Apothecary is sanitary and safe because the machine that is rented does not actually touch the skin, Stephanie noted. The machine and cord are rented, and the parts that touch the skin are purchased new.

The rental program works well to cover the time period when mothers are waiting for insurance to come through to help cover the cost of a new pump, Stephanie said.

Shiloh Apothecary plans to have a least one rental machine available at all times. The pharmacy also sells new pumps and replacement parts.

The machines can be rented for $20 a week or $40 per month, and those rental fees are applied to the cost of a breast pump if the mother purchases a new one.

A $40 refundable deposit is also required to rent a breast pump machine.

For more information, contact Shiloh Apothecary at 2049 E. Shiloh Road, Corinth, or call 662-594-1573. Visit the Shiloh Apothecary Facebook page.

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