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MRHC’s Trauma Level Stable, But ‘Corrective Action’ Required

Magnolia Regional Health Center

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

State officials have recommended that Magnolia Regional Health Center in Corinth continue to be designated as a Level III trauma center, but the hospital must complete a “corrective action plan,” according to the Mississippi State Department of Health.

“We have no reason to believe that Magnolia will not be successful in meeting the Corrective Action Plan and keeping its Level III designation,” Jim Craig said in a statement.

Craig is the director of health protection for the Mississippi State Department of Health.

“The Mississippi Trauma Advisory Committee recently recommended re-designation as a Level III Trauma Center and Primary Pediatric Center for Magnolia Regional Health Center, but required a Corrective Action Plan be completed,” the statement said. “Mississippi State Department of Health Trauma System staff recently spoke with the Magnolia Regional Health Center Trauma Program Manager who is finalizing their response to the Corrective Action Plan.”

Officials would not discuss details regarding what is required in the corrective action plan. But MRHC attorney Brad Dillard said, “Corrective plans are not unusual or uncommon, and such a request does not indicate that any problem or issue exists.  A Level III Trauma designation is impressive, and demonstrates the broad scope of specialties and services provided by MRHC to the residents of its service area.”

Hospital trauma-level designations determine what level of care a hospital is capable of rendering.

Level I trauma centers can handle the most serious health problems while Level IV are the lowest designations and typically for small rural clinics.

“Generally, a Level III trauma center is expected to provide initial resuscitation of the trauma patient and immediate operative intervention to control hemorrhage and to assure maximal stabilization prior to referral to a higher level of care,” the description says in part.

Level III trauma centers must have “General Surgery; Orthopedic Surgery; Emergency Medicine; Anesthesia; Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU); and an Intensive Care Unit (ICU),” according to the state department of health.

MRHC is one of 16 Level III hospitals in the state.

North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo is a Level II Center, and Baptist Memorial Hospital in Booneville is Level IV.

The closest Level I trauma centers to Corinth are Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis and Regional One Health in Memphis.

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