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Alcorn County Homeschool Group’s Enrollment Doubles in 10 Years

The president of an Alcorn County association said she believes homeschooling is becoming more of a norm nationally. (Stock homeschool image)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

A local homeschool association has seen significant growth in recent years, the organization’s president said Thursday.

The Alcorn County-based Eagle Homeschool Association currently has 191 families enrolled compared to 95 in 2008, said Bevin Wilder. She serves as president of the group along with her husband, Royce.

It is not exactly clear what is driving the increase, but Wilder believes homeschool is becoming more of a national norm.

The 191 families enrolled in the Eagle Homeschool Association, include more than 325 children from pre-school to 12th grade.

Eagle is a Christian Association and stands for Education Administered in a Godly Learning Environment. It started in 1985 with about four families.

Wilder noted that homeschool is not for every family and that there are many great teachers in the public school system.

However, Wilder said she is glad that more families are “answering the call” to be part of the homeschool community.

There are many advantages when parents have direct academic influence on their children, she said. It also allows families to spend more time together.

Plenty of materials are available to help parents who may not feel qualified to teach homeschool, Wilder noted.

Eagle Homeschool Association is not a school or church. It brings homeschool families together to support one another. That could include sharing curriculum ideas, socializing and coordinating extracurricular activities, including sports in the Tri-State Christian Conference.

Homeschool students also come together for enrichment classes held weekly throughout the semester at Farmington Baptist Church. The parents volunteer to teach classes such as biology lab, choir, cooking and writing, and the children also take field trips.

No one in the volunteer association, which has a 12-member board, is paid. Students from surrounding counties and even some from Tennessee and Alabama are members of the association.

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