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Corinth Dogs Found Without Food or Water, Puppy Dies

Suspect said she was trying to help puppies

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Corinth Police recently responded to a residence and found two small dogs in direct sunlight with no food or water, and one of the puppies was dead, reports say.


Angela Lopez, 19, of Cruise Street, turned herself in at the Corinth Police Department on June 27 after a warrant was issued for her, police reports say.

Police responded to a Cruise Street address June 16 in reference to alleged “animal cruelty.” Police spoke with Lopez who said the dead dog had been spitting up blood and had diarrhea the day before. She also said that both puppies were fed and given milk the day before, the incident report says.

Police heard another dog in the backyard and found it running in the mud with “no food and the water was black looking,” the report adds.

The animal shelter took possession of the dogs.

Lopez told Corinth Today that the dog in the backyard was not hers. As for the other two dogs, she said she picked up about five puppies she found alongside a road in Iuka. She said she gave away a few of the puppies and was trying to give the other two away as well.

They were probably already sick, she said, adding that both of the puppies had thrown up and had diarrhea. The puppies’ cage was being cleaned, she said.

Lopez said she learned her lesson to not pick up puppies on the side of the road. She said she was actually trying to help the puppies. She said she was going to take the puppies to the vet and that she felt sorry for them.


  1. Danny L McIntire Danny L McIntire July 2, 2018

    We have an animal shelter in name but not in practice. That is not the shelter’s fault. We have had a many year oratory of government is bad and no such thing as taxes actually providing a service. This lady may very well have been trying to help with what knowledge and financial resources at her disposal. Animal shelters are not important enough so they are the first and most severely cut. It’s easy to make a pariah out of the woman instead of addressing the problem of stray and unwanted animals. “No Kill” shelters sound good in name but does it exclude so many animals they die horrific deaths instead of a final meal and going somewhat peaceably? How much are we willing to pay to look after unwanted animals?

  2. Jane Jane July 2, 2018

    Cruise st the middle of town. Y’all act like nobody saw these poor animals all that time

  3. Jane Jane July 2, 2018

    Yall think it is alright to abuse animals in Alcorn County? Think again.

  4. Jane Jane July 2, 2018

    No you need to make sure that girl gets justice. People need to know what is happening to these animals. Because of these people.

    • Jane Jane July 2, 2018

      So sad. Nobody cares for these animals.

  5. Jane Jane July 2, 2018

    No you need to make sure that girl gets justice. People need to know what is happening to these animals. Because of these people I will make sure the state folks are here to see this mess.

  6. Jane Jane July 2, 2018

    Only pits. She forgot.

  7. Sally Lawhon Sally Lawhon July 2, 2018

    you never give puppies or dogs milk it makes them sick. and water needs to be clean or they get coccidia all she had to do was ask around or take to the shelter.

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