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Garrett Eye Clinic Revitalizing Large Building for Future Home

Brett Garrett stands in the East Shiloh Road building that is being completely renovated for the future home of Garrett Eye Clinic. (Photos by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

An East Shiloh Road building is undergoing a major renovation and will be the future home of Garrett Eye Clinic in Corinth.

The building, located about a block west of North Harper Road, is being completely stripped and remodeled for the clinic’s new, expanded location.

Garrett Eye Clinic is already located on East Shiloh Road about two blocks west of its future home. The clinic is undertaking the remodel project because it needs more space, said Brett Garrett, whose company, Layne Properties, owns the building. His wife, Dr. Jennifer Garrett, owns the eye clinic.

Garrett on Thursday morning took Corinth Today on a tour of the building, which has several sections. Over the years, portions of the building have been used as doctor’s offices, a pharmacy and other business space. The remodel project will streamline the building’s layout to create one large space for the clinic.

The new clinic will be more than twice the size of Garrett Eye Clinic’s current building, which it has been in for 11 years. Garrett Eye Clinic has many patients and has needed to expand for several years, Brett noted.

Garrett Eye Clinic plans to add two to three doctors over the next five years, which will create more appointment availability, he said.

Brett said he and Jennifer are excited about the opportunity to renovate such a large structure on a major Corinth thoroughfare like Shiloh Road. He noted that East Shiloh Road serves as a gateway to downtown Corinth from the Pickwick area. A recent sewer improvement project on East Shiloh Road is also good for the area, he added.

Once complete, the remodeled building will be about 7,200 square feet and very energy efficient. The building is being totally stripped and even the pipes will be new, Garrett said. Once completed, the building will look brand new and have an expanded optical shop.

The new clinic will feature a full laser surgery center, and Dr. Garrett will also continue to provide surgery at Magnolia Regional Health Center in Corinth.

Garrett expects the new location will be open at the end of this year or early 2019.

Knight Brothers is overseeing the project construction.

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