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Corinth Woman Allegedly Made $2,000 in Fraudulent Purchases

By Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today

A Corinth woman was recently indicted on a charge of felony credit card fraud, police said.


Paula Genise Russell-Owens, 33, of County Road 200, allegedly made purchases of around $2,000 on a card that did not belong to her, said Detective Capt. Dell Green.

The victim was contacted by the fraud department of the local department store where the purchases were allegedly made, Green said.

The Corinth Police Department was notified about the case on March 6. Surveillance video allegedly showed Russell-Owens making purchases with the card, according to police.

The case was presented to the grand jury, which indicted Russell-Owens. She was recently arrested by police in connection with the indictment, Green said.

The alleged victim and Russell-Owens apparently had no association with each other. The items were allegedly purchased on one trip to the store and primarily consisted of clothing, Green noted.

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