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Moving from Government Housing to Self Sufficiency Is Program’s Goal

No cities in Mississippi were announced for the HUD EnVision Center demonstration program.

Staff reports

A national demonstration program to reduce the reliance on HUD-assisted housing by promoting self-sufficiency kicked off Thursday in Detroit.

Seventeen communities around the country have been selected as EnVision Center demonstration cities.

The goal is to empower people to leave HUD housing and “become responsible homeowners and renters in the private market,” a HUD news release said.

No cities in Mississippi were announced for the program. The HUD-funded Corinth Housing Authority manages 330 units locally and recently received $647,000 in federal funding to upgrade properties.

“These EnVision Centers offer a more holistic housing approach by connecting HUD-assisted families with the tools they need to become self-sufficient and to flourish,” HUD Secretary Ben Carson said in the release.

Helping people become self-sufficient will open up HUD housing to others who are in need and on waiting lists, according to the federal agency.

“The EnVision Centers demonstration is premised on the notion that financial support alone is insufficient to solve the problem of poverty,” the release added.

EnVision Centers will provide communities with support hubs to help residents with economic empowerment, educational advancement, health and wellness and character and leadership.

The program intends to create public and private partnerships to make positive community impacts.

“HUD anticipates that positive outcomes for individuals and households will generate additional positive impacts at the community-wide level,” the news release said.

“Housing assistance should be more than just putting a roof over someone’s head,” said Secretary Carson.

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  1. Jay Anthony Jay Anthony June 8, 2018

    OK,first off,we are greatful for low cost Govt.housing.HOWEVER, be more self sufficient and move out of Govt.housing?..that makes alot of sense right? move from average 150.00 a month rent to 450-600 a month rent in regular house rental.OR 350-450 for an Apt. which is probably roach infested?…Corinth housing has it’s good,AND bad points….sure lower rent for disabled and senior,and low income,but toss in the open drug use,open prostitution,and nightly drunks and gunfire at SOME housing locations is certainly a hindrance.Now as to the 647 thousand for upgrades,most will probably be wasted or re-allocated for some other pet project. I live in Corinth housing,and was informed that security cannot be full time at night because of no funds…
    The office at Corinth Housing’s Tinin Terrace,the supposed showcase of locations,is mostly CLOSED..why? no funds to keep open….disabled Seniors are now forced into long detours to get to the laundry room,which has reduced hours now,because the sidewalks were ripped out last year.New rules say you cannot even feed the birds,or have a family member from out of state visiting,stay at your place for more than two nights,or you get evicted.The point i want to get across is this: while Govt. housing CAN and should be a good experience,poor management,corruption,and stupid rules make it difficult,we are TENANTS,not prisoners.

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