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CHS Senior Cuts Hair After Four Years to Support Good Cause

Caleb Henson has four years of hair growth cut off at the CHS Follies performance to support Wigs For Kids. (Courtesy Photos)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

A Corinth High School senior grew his hair for four years and then had it cut off during the Follies performance Tuesday to donate to a good cause.

Caleb Henson donated his hair to Wigs For Kids, which helps children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment and other issues.

The challenge of growing his hair over four years was a lesson in perseverance. Henson decided in the ninth grade that he wanted to grow his hair until his senior year to donate to a good cause.

It also taught Henson the importance of researching charities to make sure they genuinely help people like Wigs for Kids, he said.

After four years, the big finale came on Tuesday night at the Corinth High School senior Follies performance.

Local hairdresser Melanie Harris came on the stage and cut Caleb’s hair, which formed two thick ponytails and almost reached the small of his back when straightened.

The audience applauded, and Henson said, “It was a really great moment” that helped bring further awareness to the cause.

“It’s a really good cause, and I’m glad I was able to support it,” said Henson, who plans to attend Northeast Mississippi Community College and study music education or journalism.

He is the son of Phillip and Patsy Henson.

Local hairdresser Melanie Harris holds the ponytails after cutting them off at the Follies performance Tuesday.
Henson completed the goal he set in the ninth grade.

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