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KMS Coach in Federal Custody as Details on Allegations Emerge

By Josh Mitchell
Corinth Today News Editor
Federal authorities are involved in a case against a Kossuth Middle School coach who has been charged with five counts of secretly photographing for lewd purpose.
The case involves the “attempted production of child pornography by Micah Macay Wilbanks, a middle school coach at Kossuth Middle School,” according to an affidavit from an FBI task force officer.


Wilbanks, 29, is now in federal custody, and the affidavit was submitted to the U.S. District Court in Oxford.
The federal complaint alleges Wilbanks violated the U.S. law that pertains to “attempting to use minors to engage in sexually explicit conduct . . .”
Wilbanks allegedly used a phone that was designed in California and assembled in China. Using materials shipped or transported in interstate and foreign commerce to produce sexually explicit images of minors is a violation of federal law, the affidavit says.
Below is a summary of the affidavit:
The Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office received a report from Kossuth Middle School Principal Sam Roberts on May 2. Roberts said, “Some middle school students found a cell phone hidden inside a girl’s locker room, and it had recorded a video of them while they were changing clothing.”
The students retrieved the phone and deleted the video before taking it to Coach Angie Malone, who confronted Wilbanks, the affidavit says.
“Wilbanks took Coach Malone to the locker room and showed her where he had hidden the phone,” the affidavit says.
Malone said she was going to report the matter to the office, and Wilbanks left, the affidavit adds. Malone reportedly told Roberts that Wilbanks was as “high as a kite.”
Roberts found Wilbanks, who appeared to have trouble walking straight, and his speech was slurred. According to Roberts, Wilbanks said “he had messed up and didn’t deserve to be in public education,” the affidavit says.
Roberts then took the phone and called the sheriff’s office. Deputies arrived and saw Wilbanks and school officials. The deputies overheard Wilbanks describe himself as a “piece of s— for what he had done and made another comment about being a ‘pedophile,’” the affidavit alleges.
Wilbanks appeared under the influence and was arrested for suspicion of public intoxication. Deputies allegedly found methamphetamine in one of Wilbanks’ pockets while they were searching him during the arrest, the affidavit adds.
The FBI task force officer extracted data from Wilbanks’ phone and found three video recordings of the locker room, the affidavit says. One video shows “the face of Wilbanks inside the storage room on the backside of the locker room wall.”
The second video is a “limited view of the locker room with no girls present.” The third video “depicted a limited view of the girls’ locker room, focusing on the benches used by students to change clothing. The video showed five different girls inside the locker room ages 13-14.”
One girl saw the phone and pointed it out to another girl. A girl then retrieves the phone, “either taking it from its hiding place or grabbing it out of a hand that was holding it.”
The recording then stopped.
Wilbanks will have a detention hearing in U.S. District Court in Oxford on Thursday at 9 a.m. in front of U.S. Magistrate Judge Roy Percy.

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