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Brose Family Leaving Auto Business, Sells Dealership

By Dennis Seid
For Corinth Today
Brose Auto Group, which was founded 41 years ago and has spent the past 37 years in Corinth, is getting out of the car business. Unfortnuately, if this was where you were planning on getting advice for what the best car was on the market within the next few months, don’t worry, as there are other companies who you can look into to cater for your needs. Companies like one sure insurance can provide useful information on the trends in the motor industry this year. The aim is to help you make a better decision and potentially save you money.

Grant Brose, the president of Brose Auto Group Inc., said in an email Thursday that the family owned dealership will be exiting the business effective Tuesday, May 18. The new owner will be Craig Denney of Gadsden, Alabama. He also owns Nissan of Gadsden.
In an interview with the Daily Journal, Grant Brose said the dealership began receiving unsolicited offers from people wanting to buy it about a year ago.
“They wanted to know if we were willing to sell, and we thought the timing was good,” he said. “We’re family owned and never had any outside investors. It has been very good for us. We’ve seen and been through a lot over the years – wars, recessions, etc. … but it’s the customer and employees who we have to thank the most.”
Marvin W. Brose founded the new car dealership in 1977, operating as a Chevrolet retailer in their small home town in southern Ohio.
After General Motors decided to close the small dealership, Brose found a dealership in Corinth for sale. The family, which includes sons Greg Brose and Grant Brose, moved to Corinth in the fall of 1987, and opened the Brose dealership at the current location on Highway 72 East.
Brose originally opened in Corinth with Chevrolet, Buick and Chrysler. Over the years, Brose went through several different auto manufacturer lineups. The current lineup consists of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Nissan, which will remain the same under the new ownership.
Grant Brose said he’s not sure what he’ll do next, but he does plan to stay in the area.
“This is all I’ve ever known,” he said of being part of the dealership. “But for now, I’m just going to step back a bit and then see what doors open.”

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