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Photos: Volunteers Clean Up Civil War Site

A volunteer carries a rusted barrel out of the woods Saturday at the Civil War site in Corinth. (Photos by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

About 10 volunteers cleaned up large amounts of litter at the 1862 Union Siege Lines Civil War site in Corinth on Saturday morning. Tires, rusted barrels, bottles, tin cans and many other items were collected in the wooded area. The annual event is sponsored by the Civil War Trust to help preserve battlefields around the nation.

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  1. Danny McIntire Danny McIntire April 28, 2018

    All of us owe the volunteers a big ‘Thank You’ for their work. It does no good to have all these historical sites if visitors come and see them trashed out and being used as a dump and landfill. Money for maintenance is scarce and getting scarcer and the onus for upkeep falls on all of us. Thank you volunteers for leading by example!

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