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Detectives Respond to Donald's Donuts

Corinth Police officials exit Donald’s Donuts on U.S. Highway 72 East in Corinth on Thursday morning. (Photos by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

By Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today
Corinth Police detectives were at Donald’s Donuts on U.S. Highway 72 East in Corinth on Thursday morning.
Police barricaded the front of the building with yellow tape.
Authorities left the scene and removed the yellow tape at around 10:30 a.m.
Several readers contacted Corinth Today asking what was happening.
Latest story:
The woman who runs Donald’s Donuts in Corinth was arrested Thursday by the Corinth Police Department and charged with felony credit card fraud, an official said.
The suspect, Sinang Neang, 57, of County Road 215, Corinth, was arrested Thursday after Corinth Police executed a search warrant on the U.S. Highway 72 East business.
Corinth Police Detective Capt. Dell Green said an alleged victim filed a report with the police department this week. It is alleged that the person’s card had been overcharged an estimated total of $600 since December, Green added.
It is speculated that the customer’s card may have been run for additional tip amounts ranging from $20 to $70, Green said.
Others who believe they have been victimized are urged to call the Corinth Police Department at (662) 286-3377.
The Corinth Police Department anticipates more victims, Green said.
Neang was convicted of misdemeanor credit card fraud in a 2016 case, Green said. In that case, a woman from out of town made a purchase at Donald’s Donuts and days later noticed that her card had other transactions at Donald’s Donuts when she had not even been back, Green said.
There have been one to two other people in the past who have filed reports with police, Green said. But in those one or two cases, the business would apparently make a reimbursement, and charges would not be pursued by the alleged victim, Green said.
Corinth Police Department Detective Jerry Rogers worked the case in connection with Thursday’s arrest of Neang.
Neang was being held on a $20,000 bond.
Corinth Today went inside the business to speak with a man who was there after police left. The person did not appear to understand English. The restaurant appeared closed shortly after police left.
Corinth Police responded to Donald’s Donuts on Thursday morning.

Corinth Police put yellow tape across the front of the building.


  1. don hastings don hastings April 26, 2018

    if they cannot english then deport

    • Susan Susan April 26, 2018

      They speak English….how do you think they take orders?

    • Matt L Matt L April 26, 2018

      Are you sure about that? You’d be first on the list judging by the sentence structure in your comment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Kayla Kayla April 26, 2018

      Apparently you cannot English either. Can’t deport someone that’s here legally. Get a life.

    • girl girl April 26, 2018

      Although I understand the point you’re trying to make here, speaking proper English yourself would help your cause.

  2. TruthONLYhurtstheDishonest TruthONLYhurtstheDishonest April 26, 2018

    dont ever use your credit/debit card here

    • CBD CBD April 28, 2018

      Don’t patronize a business that has been repeatedly reported to commit fraud and theft, PERIOD!

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