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No Bones About It: Corinth Boy Wants to Be Orthopedic Surgeon

Local home school student Coleman Rouse has dreams of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. (Courtesy photo)

Corinth home school student Coleman Rouse, 8, is pursuing his dream to be an orthopedic surgeon by performing various science experiments on bones to determine what affects them and what makes them strong.

Rouse’s journey began at the age of 3 when he broke his arm in an accidental fall from a chair. He visited a clinic in Memphis where he was seen by a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon employed an informational treatment approach, which led to Rouse’s interest in the field of medicine.

Rouse is in second grade and has participated in the Northeast Regional Science Fair for the past three years. He won first place in his category of Medicine and Health all three years.

He performed three different experiments on the bone to determine what makes them strong, what prevents osteoporosis and how tobacco impacts bones. In all three experiments, Rouse proved his hypothesis. This brought him even closer to medicine, and he hopes to help the aging population overcome brittle bones and weakness.

“Take good care of your bones with diet and exercise and don’t smoke or dip, because I tested the effects of tobacco on bones, and it makes them spongy and brittle,” Rouse said.

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