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‘Rewarding’ Careers at Country Cottage

Country Cottage staff and residents are like family. From left, Maxine Potts, Managing Director Dawn Owens and homemaker Sakena Simmons share a laugh. (Photo by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

Dawn Owens knew from a young age that helping senior citizens was her calling in life.

Owens, who is the managing director of Country Cottage assisted living in Corinth, has always had a soft spot for senior citizens. When she was a small child she loved making cookies for nursing home residents.

Country Cottage currently has job openings for homemakers. Owens said it is a very “rewarding” field with opportunities to advance. She started out as a homemaker with Country Cottage and has been promoted over the years into management.

“I started out on the floor 15 years ago,” Owens said. “I love my job. I take it to heart.”

Country Cottage homemakers get the satisfaction of knowing they help senior citizens, Owens noted. For instance, homemakers take part in Bible studies with the residents and help with medication, cleaning and laundry.

Employees are encouraged to form bonds with the residents and their families.

“We can sit back and joke with each other,” Owens said. “We like to have a family environment.”

Holiday parties and other activities routinely take place at Country Cottage. Some employees even volunteer their time because they want to be with the residents during the special events.

Owens remembers when she was a homemaker and helped serve food and sat with residents who did not have family. Those interested in being homemakers at Country Cottage should have a positive attitude, she said.

“We try to keep our residents young at heart,” Owens added. “It’s fun.”

Country Cottage employees also get the privilege of hearing the residents’ stories from years ago. One resident was a founder of March of Dimes and another walked alongside John F. Kennedy’s car the day the president was assassinated, Owens said.

A new resident can come in and “steal your heart,” she said.

“Just seeing a smile on their face at the end of the day makes you smile,” Owens said.

Those interested in working at Country Cottage can apply online at

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