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Photo of the Day: Strickland Man's Windmills Keep Spinning

Charles Thompson of the Strickland community in Alcorn County stands by one of the many windmills in his yard. He and his daughter made the creative yard ornaments, some of which are painted with bright colors. The windmills are very pretty when they all spin at once and reflect the sunlight, Thompson said. Some were made out of tin cans while others were crafted out of wood and old box fans. Thompson said he has given away many of the windmills over the years and said some of them can even cause a vibration in the ground to keep moles out of the yard. “I just like piddling with stuff,” Thompson said.

Alcorn County resident Charles Thompson has many handcrafted windmills in his yard. (Photos by Josh Mitchell/Corinth Today)


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  1. Helah Wilson Helah Wilson April 20, 2018

    Which type is best for keeping moles from yards. Our yard gets really soft from mole runs, we have basically tried every treatment we have been told about and nothing works.

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