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Man Allegedly Received $13,400 From Bad Checks

Jason Sisk

By Josh Mitchell

Corinth Today News Editor

A Corinth man allegedly withdrew $13,400 after depositing two bad checks at a local bank, police said.

Jason Sisk, 43, allegedly deposited the checks into a Corinth bank on Jan. 11 and withdrew the funds the same day, said Corinth Police Department Detective Capt. Dell Green.

The checks allegedly bounced after Sisk withdrew the money, and he was charged with felony false pretense, Green said.

The bank did not report the incident to police until March 23, and Sisk was arrested April 5, Green said.

The $13,400 was not returned, and it was unknown where the money went, Green said.

Sisk had an account at the bank where the checks were cashed, and the bank conducted an internal investigation and gave him time to return the money, Green noted. The matter was turned over to police after Sisk allegedly failed to pay back the money, Green said.

Both checks were written to Sisk, and one was for $7,500, and the other was for $5,900, Green said. The personal checks belonged to the person who allegedly wrote them to Sisk, Green noted. That person, whom Sisk knew, was not charged because Sisk was the one who allegedly uttered the checks, Green added.

Corinth Police Detective Michael Suitor investigated the case. Sisk has bonded out of the Alcorn County Jail, and the case will be presented to a grand jury.

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